Launch of At the Heart of the Universe: Onstage w my family in NYC


Let me tell you about one of the best things I’ve participated in–last November 14 onstage as a family at the Soho Playhouse.  We wanted to launch my new novel, At the Heart of the Universe, in the Big Apple.  My spouse Janet and our daughter joined me onstage.  The moderator was an adoption expert, Adam Pertman.  And it was  ***The Best***.  This novel, based on our family’s journey back to Changsha, China where we adopted Katie as a 4-month old (she was 10 when we went back) is a labor of love–although someone called it “Heart of Darkness with a Happy Ending,”and you could feel it onstage.  Luckily we videotaped it in front of the live audience, and edited it down  into three sections:  l) Introduction and Shem Reading from the Novel; 2) Discussion of the novel and of adoption by the Family Shem  3) Question and Answer with the Audience.  Here are the three segments–about 20 minutes each.  Enjoy!



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