A Review from Publisher’s Weekly: Shem explores cross-cultural terrain


A Review of At The Heart of the Universe From Publisher’s Weekly: 

This poignant tale from Shem (The House of God) introduces Xiao Lu, a Chinese woman who lived in Communist China during the 1990s, when the “One Child” policy dictated that second-born daughters had to be given away or worse, and the American family who adopted her daughter. Inspired by his own experiences as an adoptive father, Shem explores the cross-cultural terrain when the American family miraculously finds and interacts with Lu in a remote mountainous area of China. Pep and Clio Macy bring their daughter, Katie, to China to celebrate her 10th birthday. They warily watch Katie become increasingly attached to her birth mother, adapting to Chinese ways with astonishing facility. Shem is at his best detailing Lu’s difficult family history, the impossible task of giving up her second-born daughter, and the circumstances that conspired against her, forcing her to leave her husband and first-born daughter and hide away in a desolate Buddhist retreat.


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And please join us @ the book launch for At the Heart of the Universe:

Best-selling author Samuel Shem discusses his latest novel, At The Heart of the Universe (Seven Stories Press), from 7 to 8:45 p.m.  on Nov. 14 at the SoHo Playhouse, New York City. Joining Shem for this deeply personal evening of story-telling and dialogue with the audience will be his wife, the author Janet Surrey, and their daughter, Katie Surrey Bergman–and moderator Adam Pertman (Adoption Nation).


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