The coming together of American and Chinese cultures


Advance Praise for At The Heart of the Universe:


“A fascinating, very moving novel—I couldn’t put it down. An imaginative and truly creative exploration of the amazing ways that adoption affects the many people touched by it. It should be read by all Chinese adopted families—and will be read by most of them—and anyone intrigued by the coming together of American and Chinese cultures. If I saw it in a bookstore I would pick up right away, no question.”

At the Heart of the Universe:

Set in 1991 in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, where a Chinese daughter is given up; then, again in Changsha ten years later, when the same daughter returns with her adopted American parents; then roaming across southern China until, high atop Emei San, one of only four Chinese “sacred mountains” that still has an active Buddhist monastery, something happens that does not reverse—but fundamentally changes—the irrevocable losses that have accumulated in these lives.


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And please join us @ the book launch for At the Heart of the Universe:

Samuel Shem in conversation with Adam Pertman, Adoption Nationand with Katie Surrey-Bergman and Janet Surrey. At Soho Playhouse, 14 Vandam Street, NYC. November 14, Monday at from 7 to 8:45.  Free.


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