Spring comes early to the gardens: #HeartoftheUniverse



Spring comes early to the gardens

Of the South, with dancing flowers.


The willow leaves are long

And really are curved like a girl’s eyebrow.

–Ou Yang Hsiu, “Green Jade Plum Trees in Spring.”

Song Dynasty, 10-12th century


Sleep comes fitfully to her now. It is her hellish time of year. Her first thought upon awakening? Five days ago was Chun’s tenth birthday and in less than a month it will be the tenth anniversary of taking her to Changsha and abandoning her.

Dawn is a relief. Her favorite time of day. The first sunlight  hits the tops of the high white spruce and transforms to a russet glow. Clearing the eastern peaks, the dawn pours down through the tree trunks on a million splinters of hazy light. The forest is still, crisp, the air metallic, like the taste of a cold metal coin.

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