Raw and Utterly Honest: Reviews from Goodreads


Steven  C. on At The Heart of the Universe

A big change from the author’s first book, The House of God which was a Swiftian send-up of the pretensions and puffery of graduate medical education, a fierce confrontation with the narcissistic injury. It was funnier than Swift, BTW, and supplied an entire argot of interns. This book is much more mellow, wiser, kinder. It is from the heart.

Patrick H. on House of God:

I read this in college, then again my first year of medical school, then again my last year of medical school, then again during my internship, and I’m reading it once more now as a senior resident. Along with the television show Scrubs, it’s the most accurate portrayal of American medicine that I’m familiar with. I gave it to my father and he called me saying that he wanted to go medical school. I gave it to my mother and she called me crying, asking if my job really is as bad as Shem makes it out to be.

Ivan C. on Mount Misery:

Fans of The House Of God should not expect the same kind of hilarious exuberance from the author in this sequel; there is too much real human pain and suffering here. But this novel feels more mature and is much more likely to stay with readers, I think. (It has been a decade since I read this book and I’m STILL affected by it.)

Rosemary B. on The House of God:

I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the novel, cherishing (and identifying with) the interns’ horrors at their introduction to hospital wards and the stereotypes of their patients and the care they receive. The descriptions of the emotions that an overburdened, under supported intern can feel are things I can imagine or have experienced in some way. These depictions were raw and utterly honest.

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